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Road Runner
High Speed
You now have a choice to go even faster with our premium level of service. With speeds as fast as 8.0 Mbps down, you can move at the cutting edge of todays technology. So no matter how fast you want to go, Road Runner lets you get the most of your time online. You'll have access to free or discounted rates on some of the world's best news, entertainment and sports!
$25.95 8000 kbps 128 kbps Unlimited Buy Now

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Road Runner a.k.a RoadRunner HIGH SPEED ONLINE is a nationwide Internet service provider (ISP) focused on providing service over DOCSIS-compatible cable modems. It is a division of Time Warner Inc. and provides service throughout the footprint of Time Warner Cable as well as other contracting cable companies. Its services are currently available only in the United States, but were once also offered in Newfoundland, Canada.

Road Runner often competes with ISPs owned by local telephone companies. Its mascot is Road Runner from the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies series. When the service first launched with a 1995 market test in Elmira, NY, it was called the Southern Tier On-Line Community,then LineRunner (a moniker that was later used for VOIP service), before Time Warner Cable adopted the current brand name.

To compete directly with less expensive DSL service, Road Runner offers a lower bandwidth package dubbed Road Runner Lite or Road Runner Intro for a similar cost, with lower download and upload bandwidth. The specific speeds vary, but the averge is 768 kbit/s download and 128 kbit/s upload bandwidth. This tier of service is not heavily promoted and must be specifically requested when ordering.

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